“It is one of the most overused political talking points in Washington DC, ‘I am a friend of Israel’. And sadly, there are those who utter this rhetoric and go forth without any further scrutiny. There has truly been no real measure of effectiveness or evaluative criteria to confirm or validate these utterances. And these words oft times come from those whose actions, political contribution coffers, and hidden words evidence their true sentiment towards the modern day Jewish State of Israel. In his book, ‘Israel Betrayed’, author Alan Skorski takes these individuals to task and exposes them using their own words. As we enter into the critical 2016 presidential election cycle, the record needs to be set straight. For example, at the 2012 DNC convention, Democrat leaders stated it was just an oversight in explaining why their party platform removed recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The intent and objective of Skorski’s book is to expose those who claim unconditional and unapologetic support for Israel, while embracing the anti-Israel lobby here in America, led by J-Street. This is a must read, that is if you care about supporting our best ally in a Middle East that is deteriorating at the hands of one who did just as Alan Skorski addresses.”

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West (US Army, Retired)

Executive Director and Vice Chairman of the Board, National Center for Policy Analysis

Member, 112th US Congress



“Israel Betrayed is a trove of indispensable information on - and invaluable insights into - the forces gathering to destroy the Jewish state.”

David Horowitz

Best-selling author, Frontpagemag.com, Freedom Center



 “Alan Skorski has done the work that others have neglected to do. He has scrupulously researched the true agenda of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, and prominent left-wing Jewish groups who have sacrificed Israel in the name of advancing a progressive agenda that will only weaken our most reliable Middle East ally, and in the end, weaken America’s interests in a vital part of the world.”

L. Todd Wood

Columnist Washington Times, Author, correspondent





1        Introduction      1

A.     Why I Wrote This Book  1

B.     The Betrayers  4

C.     The Good Guys  11

D.     “Honest Broker” and “Unbreakable, Unshakeable” Farce  12

E.      What Arab and PLO Leaders Are Saying About the “Palestinian Cause” 15

F.      Palestinian Media Watch  19

G.     It’s Not About Israel, but About Jews  24

H.     The Democratic Party and Israel  27

I.        Is Israel Suffering from Bad PR?  31

2        Hillary Clinton: Hard Choices, Easy Criticism  33

A.     Hillary in Arkansas  35

B.     Hillary’s Flirtations with Israel  38

C.     Hillary as Obama’s Enforcer  40

D.     Hillary on the Campaign Trail  48

3        J Street:  A “Dead End” for Israel  56

4        NJDC: Giving cover to Democrats while targeting pro-Israel Republicans  78

5        Barack Obama: The most hostile president in U.S. History  97

6        Peter Beinart: The Crisis of Peter Beinart  114

7        Geraldo: “I have a Star of David tattooed on my hand!”  137

8        Bill Clinton: It depends on the meaning of Ally  150

9        Jewish Ambassadors: Democrats’ weapon against Israel 160

10    Reform Rabbis: Secular leaders using religion to attack Israel  176

11    Edgar Bronfman: Supporting Jewish causes opposing Israel  186

12    ADL: Combating anti-Semitism and pro-Israel conservatives  192

13    Democratic Blogs and Think Tanks: The real insiders  206

14    Haaretz: Israel’s left-wing paper more anti-Israel than the New York Times 213

15    Rock Stars: Thank you for supporting Israel!  219

16    Conclusion: How to support Israel and defeat Israel’s adversaries  226

Acknowledgments   231

Notes 233





 “I went back and I read every single J Street press release from the first day of its existence. I could not find a single one of them that praised Israel.”

Professor Alan Dershowitz


“[Peter Beinart] earned his name for being among the foremost Jewish critics of the State of Israel.”

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach


 “I’ve come to the conclusion that J-Street is not an organization with which I wish to be associated...”

Congressman Gary Ackerman






About the Author

Alan Skorski has been a political activist for over 30 years, starting as the first pro-Israel student leader at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. He served as an adviser to congressional campaigns on issues related to Israel. His appearances have included MSNBC, The O’Reilly Factor, C-Span and dozens of radio interviews, including Michael Gallagher’s radio show. His columns have appeared in World Net Daily, The Jewish Press, and the Five Towns Jewish Times. He lives with his family in New York.

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